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The Bug's Lair

Apartment 4F

Ambush Bug
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Irwin Schwab, AKA the inimitable Ambush Bug! Well, I mean, inimitable in the loosest sense, because there's this other guy - ambush_bug - There's probably an Earth One, Earth Two thing going on there, or a Hypertime or something. Still, he's a handsome devil!

Aided by his sidekick Cheeks, the Toy Wonder, Ambush Bug fights a neverending battle either for, or against - he forgets sometimes - truth, justice, and the American Way.

He's an ordinary man, stuck with an alien suit that gives him teleportation powers and some resilience to damage. Happily, it's a green suit.

(see also : candidgamera - This is a roleplay account for jla_watchtower.)